Other contacts

  • The Presiding Bishop is Archbishop John Hepworth of the Anglican Catholic Church in Australia.
  • The best way into TAC websites is the site for the TAC newspaper, “The Messenger Journal”.
  • In Great Britain (Ireland has a separate church), the Episcopal Visitor is Bishop David Moyer.
  • Locally, the church is administered by a Vicar General, Canon Ian Gray. Under him are normally three Area Deans (vacant – North, Brian Gill, formerly Vicar General – Wales and Midlands, and Canon John Maunder – South). For contact details see the Parishes page.
  • We have a Diocesan Office at St. Katherine’s, Lincoln. The Diocesan Officer is Michael Wilson. It is envisaged that an answerphone on 01522 572779 will soon work (if not already), or by post at The Priory Centre, Colegrave Street, South Park, Lincoln LN5 8DW.
  • The Traditional Anglican Commmunion also functions in the USA, Central and South America, Canada, India, Pakistan, South Africa (two jurisdictions), Zambia, Australia and Torres Straits, New Zealand, Ireland and Japan. Refugee situations have given us churches in several other countries recently.
  • You may contact the body responsible for the missionary activites of the Traditional Anglican Communion, which is the International Anglican Fellowship (IAF) (Mr. Peter Thomas, Director).
  • A useful route to other attempts to achieve a valid future for Anglicanism in this country (and related matters) can be found at the “Cost of Conscience” site.
  • A recent Roman Catholic contact, whose goodwill towards us we are pleased to recognise, is “IN NOMINE PATRIS ET FILII ET SPIRITUS SANCTI”.