Are we losing our churches?

Recent research by website shows that here are over 30 churches closed per year and in the last 75 years over 8000 Methodist chapels have closed down. We took a look at some of the reasons for closed churches

1. Decreasing population

Due to the changing society and more people than ever moving to inner cities and leaving rural settings there are simply not enough people around some churches to warrant keeping them open.

3. Church merger

With less people there is also less need for priests and church staff, this sometimes means that 2 churches will merge into one, while this is good as it means that at least one will continue to operate as a place of worship the other will be lost and may be turned into flats or a house.

4. Priests leaving

With less people going into priesthood in current times if a priest moves location it may struggle to find another in that area. Without a priest the parish cannot function.

With the recent pandemic churches are stuggling more than ever with a lack of donations to help them keep running. Parish members are also missing out on mass and support from other church members.

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